Which Cruise Ship Has The Best Water Slides And Water Parks

Which Cruise Ship Has The Best Water Slides And Water Parks

Cruise ship water parks have become so popular that they are now found on practically every new family-oriented cruise ship.

Water parks have a lot to offer, with features including waterslides, splash zones, fountains, and wave pools.

Read on to learn Which Cruise Ship Has The Best Water Slides And Water Parks for your next fun-filled cruise with family.

Tallest Water Slide on a Cruise Ship

Water slides on cruise ships are a great way to keep your kids entertained during your voyage, particularly on sea days.

They’re also wonderful for travelers looking for something different than standard pools or beaches – and they’re also a great way to get some exercise.

So, if you’re searching for something fun to do before school reopens, or if you just want to take a vacation from packing lunches and cooking dinner every night this summer, look no further!

This blog post will go through some of the greatest cruise ships with waterslides on board to help you decide which one is right for your next vacation or family trip.

Which Cruise Ship Has The Best Water Slides And Water Parks

1. Norwegian Epic – Norwegian Cruise Line

cruise water park island

You’ll have a terrific time on this kid-friendly Norwegian Epic Cruise ship, which has the largest waterpark at sea. During your cruise holiday, the waterslides are a great way to have some fun in the sun.

Turbo Drop, Tornado Tube, Typhoon Tubes, and Aqua Loco are among the four distinct waterslides available onboard. Every one of these splashes riders with enough speed and adrenaline to make anyone shout with joy!

There’s also the Surf Rider, which allows visitors to surf their way up a series of vertical waves like a pro – even if they’ve never done it before. Onboard the Norwegian Epic are two whirlpools that are sure to be a popular with your family or couple on your next cruise vacation.

There’s even a lazy river on board, as well as a grotto pool where you can relax in the shade while sipping a cocktail, and all of the normal swimming pools and hot tubs that make cruising so enjoyable!

2. Carnival Breeze – Carnival Cruise Line

best cruise ships with water slides

The Carnival Breeze, dubbed “the most outlandish cruise ship ever to set sail,” is one of the top cruise ships with water slides for families seeking for a fun trip.

The Ultimate Abyss slide is the highest on board, and Miss Behave and Bombora Bay are two more water slides. There’s bound to be something accessible for your next cruise excursion, no matter what kind of waterslide you’re searching for – wild or gentle!

The Aqua Park has more than a dozen water slides, two kiddie pools, five hot tubs, a lazy river, and a drenching Twister Waterslide that can accommodate up to four people at once.

You won’t want to miss out on all of the exciting events onboard the Carnival Breeze, so start planning your next cruise holiday now!

3. Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Sea

royal caribbean ships with water slides

Symphony of the Sea, Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, is one of the greatest family-friendly Royal Caribbean ships, featuring water slides that give a variety of alternatives and amenities that aren’t only for kids.

The water slides on the Symphony of the Sea Cruise ship include an Aqua Racer, a Flow Rider, Dolphin Plunge, and Future Falls. Every vacationer who wants to have some fun in the sun on their next trip would love one of these waterslides!

There’s even one named “The Master Blaster,” which propels riders at speeds of up to 40 mph through dark tunnels and straight into pools.

This family-friendly cruise ship will surprise and delight your children every day; you won’t want to miss it on your next family holiday!

If slides aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities on this family-friendly Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, from lazy river rides to the surf-rider and everything in between!

The Liberty of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, and Harmony of the Seas are among the Royal Caribbean ships with sporting water slides.

4. Viking Ocean Cruises’ – The Viking Star

best royal caribbean ships with water slides

The Viking Splash Pool, which provides a refreshing splash before, during, or after your waterslide experience, is the ship’s most well-known feature.

You and your family will have a great time cruising through the beautiful Norwegian Fjords on this Viking Ocean Cruise ship.

Dag’s Flyer, Freya Fall, and Odin’s Drop are three separate waterslides that everyone on board can use to receive their thrills for the day.

There are two options for people who want to cool off after their waterslide experience: Loki’s Lazy River Ride and Idun’s Drainpipe.

5. The Disney Magic -Disney Crusie Line

best cruise ships with water slides

The Disney Cruise Line is one of the most wonderful and kid-friendly cruise lines available, with a variety of family-friendly amenities.

The AquaDuck Waterslide, a 40-foot waterslide that propels riders into the ocean on one end and back into the pool at breakneck speeds, is one of the most enjoyable.

And don’t worry if you’re seeking for some additional kid-friendly rides to enjoy with your kids.

The Nemo & Friends SeaRider, right next door, will make everyone feel like they’re swimming in an aquarium, thanks to all of the different fish and aquatic life!

The Disney Magic also offers a whirlpool where you may relax in the waters while sitting back on comfortable seats and taking in views of your surroundings.

A grotto pool and waterfall are also available on the Disney Cruise Line, which is ideal for people who want to enjoy the cruise ambiance with a tropical twist. The sun will never set on these family-friendly, kid-approved cruises!


In general, there are numerous alternatives available when it comes to the top cruise ships with water slides, and you are likely to discover one that meets your expectations.

With all of these options, planning a wonderful journey on any family-friendly ship will be a breeze—whether it’s Royal Caribbean’s newest addition or Holland America Line’s most popular liner (Eurodam), the choice is yours!

Have you ever gone on a cruise before? Which cruise ship has the best water slides and water parks in your opinion? Kindly give us your reviews.

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