Best Cruise Ships With Golf Simulators

Best Cruise Ships With Golf Simulators

Combining your passion for golf with cruising is a fantastic way to visit legendary golf courses all over the world.

Moving seamlessly from one to the next while avoiding the headaches of transportation and lodging. You surely need to hear about the best cruise Ships with Golf simulators.

When cruising, you’ll almost certainly meet and play with other golf enthusiasts, both on the ship and on the beach. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet and play alongside pro golfers while hopping between courses.

best cruise for golfers

Golf cruises give more than just fantastic golf courses; they also provide a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that golf cruises have grown in popularity in recent years, many golfers still find it difficult to identify the finest cruises for golfers.

Below is some helpful information about the finest cruises for golfers, including outstanding golf packages and other amenities for players, to assist you in finding the perfect trip.

What Are Golf Cruises and How Do They Work?

Golf cruises are a lot of fun, and you don’t even have to leave the ship to play a round of golf.

You can realistically play rounds at any world-class golf course, including “St Andrews golf course,” thanks to unique features like “golf simulators.”

Golfers on a week-long cruise can visit up to five different golf courses in different destinations without repacking or carrying their clubs!

Golf cruises provide golfing equipment on board, so golfers are not stranded for the duration of their vacation; clubs can be rented on board or at call port courses.

To summarize, golf cruises include group and private lessons supervised by PGA experts throughout your vacation, as well as the opportunity to play a few light-hearted rounds on-board the cruise mini-course while relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

Best Cruise Ships With Golf Simulators

River Golf Cruise (The Ama Waterways Cruise Line)

golf river cruises

Ama Waterways is one of Europe’s leading golf river cruise operators, with a reputation for innovation, well-crafted ships with world-class facilities, and exceptional service.

Their newest edition, the “Ama Magna ship,” is twice the size of their regular ships, providing golfers with a more spacious golf experience.

Golfers are driven to and from the course in a custom-made luxury Mercedes Benz as part of an AmaWaterways golf cruise package that includes a 7-night stay aboard the “Ama Magna,” cruising along the famed Danube and viewing some of Europe’s most iconic golf courses.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is play golf and enjoy yourself while waiting to be transported back to the cruise ship.

After your rounds are completed, you can have lunch at the clubhouse while waiting to be transported back to the cruise ship.

Perry Golf Cruises (Azamara Club Cruises)

caribbean golf cruises

Golfers are becoming more interested in luxury cruise lines that provide exclusive golf experiences, such as stunning golf courses across the world.

The Azamara Club Cruise, a luxury cruise owned by Roya Caribbean, has teamed up with PerryGolf, a professional travel agent specializing in tailor-made luxury golf cruise vacations in Europe, to offer 25 worldwide golf cruises in the years 2021-2022.

These luxury golf cruises will include playing at approximately 69 first-class golf courses.

Golf Cruises with Crystal

perry golf cruises

Crystal Cruise Tours offers golfers three rounds of 18-hole championship play and two consecutive nights in Bermuda following the tournament’s conclusion,

with a selection of cruise tours that include at least one round of golf per day and free days to explore each destination before or after playing.

In addition to all other cruise amenities, the package includes complimentary shuttle service to and from the golf course, complimentary breakfast each morning on board ship,

unlimited use to Crystal’s water-themed facilities such as pools and hot tubs, and a welcome champagne celebration at sea.

Golf Cruises in the Caribbean (Royal Caribbean)

golf cruises europe

Golf cruises are quickly becoming a popular way for golfers to combine their hobby with a cruise vacation, and Royal Caribbean offers three different golf cruise excursions to fulfill the interests of golfers:

• A golf cruise tour

• Golf Adventures Across the Atlantic

• Cruises to the Land of Legends.

  1. The Golf Cruise Tour – with a total of nine days on board and five rounds at three golf courses, this journey begins in Southampton and includes two rounds in Ireland before travelling to Lisbon for one round, after which golfers can choose to tour Morocco or Spain before disembarking in Barcelona.
  2. Transatlantic Golf Adventure Cruise Tour – a seven-night cruise that includes four rounds of golf at two different golf courses, departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and returning to the same port, this cruise roundtrip itinerary includes one day in Scotland before sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal.
  3. The Land Of Legends Cruise Tour – This eight-day voyage begins in Southampton and sails to Lisbon, where golfers will play one round before departing; from there, they head south into Africa—either Moroccan or Spanish Sahara depending on their preference—before heading back to Southampton.

Aida Cruises (Golf Tournament At Sea)

golf cruises scotland

The Aida Cruises Golf Tournament At Sea is a six-day cruise between France and Spain that includes four days of golf on two different courses and one free day to explore the region before returning home.

The ships make stops at Toulon, France, or Seville, Spain, with guests disembarking each morning for a complete 18-hole round and lunch on site, as well as an optional excursion into Barcelona after the tournament.

Golf Cruise in Norway

golf cruises australia

The cruise tour “Passages to Antiquity” comprises a roundtrip voyage from Venice, Italy, with stops in Greece, while the other cruise trips are based out of Barcelona and include itineraries that include Morocco or Portugal.

Norwegian cruises include three rounds of golf at two separate courses, as well as a stop in either Morocco or Spain, as well as one day on land for sightseeing before sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to Lisbon, Portugal’s west coast.

The Holland America Line

golf cruise packages

Holland America offers cruises to Alaska that include two rounds of golf at Whistler Golf Course, a round trip flight for four people (guests must be 18 or older), transfers from the airport to the hotel on arrival day, and three nights’ accommodation in Victoria, British Columbia’s Inner Harbour area.

TUI Cruises

cruises with golf excursions

TUI provides cruise tours that include two rounds of 18-hole championship golf, roundtrip flights for two persons (on select cruise tour departures), one-night hotel stays before or after the tour, and transfers from the airport to the hotel.

The vacation also includes luxury motorcoach transportation during your journey; three rounds of golf with green fees, cart rental cost, and golf club storage room available upon request, all monitored by PGA experts; and a daily continental break.

Excursions to the Golf Course on Cruise Ships

best cruise for golfers

If you want to spend a day or two on a cruise playing golf, you don’t have to plan everything yourself; there are various cruises that provide golf excursion packages; see which one is right for you.

The following cruise lines provide golf cruise packages:

  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • MSC Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines

Premium cruise lines, such as “SeaDream Yacht Club,” occasionally provide golf excursions on select cruise ships, and you can choose to use their pre-planned golf trip to save time over preparing the expedition on your own.

Another option for a pre-planned golf excursion is to hire a third-party excursion agency; you can find golf excursion packages on third-party websites like Viator and ShoreTrips in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and even Mexico.

Popular golfing courses such as Montego Bay, Puerto Vallarta, Bermuda, Cozumel, and San Lucas will be included in some of these golf cruise itineraries.

What to Expect When Booking A Golf Cruise

A professional golf teacher will normally accompany you on your golf cruise and will teach you and your family or friends the basics in an hour-long session, as well as give lessons to those who are learning and provide on-course assistance to help you improve your game.

Generally speaking, a golf cruise package will include a lot of golfing, green fields, and more golfing.

• A round of golf before you set sail

• Green fees, confirmed start times, and scheduled play rounds are all included.

• Golf balls for the practice range

Golf carts are available (depends on availability)

• Golf balls and a practice range

• Getting to and from the golf course

• A safe place to keep your golf clubs.

• Prizes for fun tournaments

• A golf tee as a prize

• Cocktail receptions at golf courses

• On-board beverage package, as is customary

• Golfers will be treated to a special meal.

• Golfers, social gatherings, and more.

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Is it possible to go on a cruise and still visit a golf course?

Your cruise will almost certainly pass by at least one golf course throughout its journey due to the enormous number of golf courses around the world. Some of the most prominent seaports with golf courses nearby include:

  1. Many golfers flock to Bermuda (Bermuda’s Turtle Hill Golf Club), which has 18 par 3 courses with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. It was voted one of “The Best Places to Play Golf” by Golf Digest, so you’ll certainly find your sweet spot here!
  2. The Real Club de Golf El Prat in Barcelona includes 45 holes divided into four courses, all with stunning vistas of the Spanish countryside. It’s only 30 minutes from the waterfront and is one of Europe’s top 100 golf courses, so it’s well worth the trip.
  3. Monaco (The Monte Carlo Golf Club) – in addition to hosting the Formula One race, Monaco is home to a fantastic golf course about half an hour from the port. This 18-hole golf course is located 3000 feet above sea level and is a fantastic site to play golf.
  4. Edinburgh (Silverknowes Golf Course) – Known as the “home country” (birthplace) of golf, cruise ships docked in Leith are close to the “SilverKnowes Golf Course,” which has a total length of 6231 yards.

The majority of cruise lines conduct their own golf outings. Carnival Cruise Line, for example, provides a variety of golf excursions around North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Azamara Club Cruise has chosen to work with PerryGolf, a leading provider of luxury golf excursions.

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Is It Necessary For Me To Carry My Golf Clubs?

You won’t need to bring your clubs if you plan to stay on board and utilize the golf simulator or mini-golf course; the cruise company will offer them. If you intend to visit one of the neighboring golf courses when you dock, you can either bring your own clubs or hire some at the course.

If you intend to hire the equipment, you should check ahead of time to verify if they are available before going. If you’re going on a fly cruise, keep in mind that your golf clubs should have a maximum weight limit, and if you go over that limit, you’ll be charged extra. Some airlines will mix your clubs with your checked luggage, severely restricting your options.

If you’re sailing from the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to carry your clubs on board with you. Most cruise lines have secure lockers in which you can store your clubs, or you can keep them in your cabin.

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Cruises may appear to be an unexpected vacation choice for golfers.

On-board, however, there is plenty of golf to be played, and many cruises provide excursions for players who wish to see the sights before arriving at their next destination.

With a little research and planning ahead of time, it may be your best trip yet in the best cruise Ships with Golf simulators.

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