Best All-Inclusive Girl Trips and Vacation Cruises

Best All-Inclusive Girl Trips and Vacation Cruises

A Girls’ Getaway Cruise is the ideal way to spend quality time with your best friends or sisters while seeing new places at your own pace—without the hassle of bringing the kids along.

A girl’s trip is one of the best ways to discover new locations and get away from the daily grind.

Owing to cruise lines that cater to women only (known as “Girl’s Getaway Cruises”).

There are a plethora of possibilities for those wishing to treat themselves or their girlfriends to a once-in-a-lifetime trip thanks to the best all-inclusive girl trips and vacation cruises.

Whether you’re looking for adventure in exotic locations like Tahiti, New Zealand, and Hawaii, or city life in cities like Sydney and Auckland,

or just want to spend your days lounging by the pool while still enjoying luxurious amenities at sea, we’ve got you covered.

When travelling with one of the top cruise lines for female getaways, you will undoubtedly discover it.

Continue reading to find out which cruise line is best for you and make your reservation before it’s too late!

Why Should You Take A Cruise With Your Female Friends?

best cruise lines for girl trips

Here are a few reasons why you should pack your bags and join your girlfriends on a cruise:

• Cruises offer something special that you won’t find anyplace else: a break from normal life so you can spend time with your best friends or sisters.

• There’s also no reason to limit yourself to just one activity when there’s so much to do: try new restaurants every night, sip cocktails poolside while soaking up the sun, attend Broadway performances onboard, and so much more.

• If you’re looking for a getaway or just want to spend some quality time with your girlfriends away from home, try booking a group vacation!

Cruises are ideal since they make it simple and handy to meet new individuals with similar interests and create lifelong experiences with your loved ones.

Best All-Inclusive Girl Trips and Vacation Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line

bestie cruise

When it comes to Girl’s Getaway Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line has various ships to choose from.

Why not board their cruise with your buddies and watch the latest Broadway musical? There are plenty of delectable food alternatives available, ranging from steak to sushi!

Their newest addition, the “Norwegian Joy,” has everything from an ice skating rink on deck (ideal for those chilly days) to five pools strewn over the ship!

And if you’re seeking for a way to unwind? Onboard, NCL offers a comprehensive range of spa treatments as well as two dedicated spas with distinct themes: Bliss Spa & Fitness and Serenity Spa & Salon.

Holland America Line

bestie cruise carnival

When it comes to Girl’s Getaway Cruises, Holland America Company is another fantastic option. This cruise line offers all of your favorite amenities, including comfortable dining, delectable room service, and lots to do onboard!

Is this the best one yet? They have live music on board in almost every genre you can think of, from jazz to pop-rock favorites.

On some cruise tour itineraries, they also offer the “Girfriends Sail Free” program, which allows two more guests to sail for free if accompanied by three paying passengers.

If you’re looking for something a little more tranquil, here is the place to be. Onboard the Holland America Line, there are two spas.

Greenhouse Spa & Salon provides totally tailored services using only natural products. And there’s the Pinnacle Spa, which focuses on bodily wellness and fitness.

Princess Cruises

best cruise lines for girl trips

Is it cheesier than the others? Another cruise line that caters to female passengers is Princess Cruises.

It provides a unique experience by providing complimentary cheese and wine in their tasting room. Not to mention an onboard movie theater showing the most recent releases (yes, including popcorn).

Princess Cruises offers “glam squads,” where a stylist arrives on board with all of your favorite products before the departure date so you can get ready in style! In addition, they publish a monthly newsletter for women.

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Carnival Cruise Lines

bestie cruise

Carnival Cruise Line is known for its party atmosphere, but it’s also a fantastic cruise line to go with your friends. Since the 1950s, this cruise line has been catering to female passengers.

For Girls’ Getaways, they offer the “Goddess” package, which includes a sumptuous cruise, four spa treatments per person, and a VIP cocktail reception.

Bingo, quiz games, ice skating shows, and even an all-female comedy show dubbed “Laughternoons” are just a few of the activities available at Carnival.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is a cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean International.

For girls who want to dance the night away, Royal Caribbean Cruises Line is a terrific choice.

Dancing, beverages, and a variety of exciting activities such as bingo, quiz games, and ice skating shows are all included in their “Girls Getaway” package.

All of the ships offer incredible water slides (ideal for those hot summer days! ), onboard spas, and a slew of other facilities tailored particularly for you.

On this luxurious liner, you’ll have access to limitless spa treatments, onboard female-only DJ dance parties, daily afternoon tea in bed, and more.

Royal Caribbean is also introducing a new musical called “We Will Rock You,” which has an all-female cast. The nicest thing about these cruises is that they’re specifically designed for an incredible girl trip with your pals.

Grand British Isles Discovery Cruise


On my next girls trip, who should I bring?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of a “ladies getaway.”

If the purpose of your trip is to have fun with friends, you should bring people who can keep up. You want a mix of extroverts and introverts so that people at all stages of the social spectrum are represented.

Choose family if you want time away from work or children where all family members can relax together.

When they have nothing else to do but be with each other, family members already know each other well enough not to feel awkward.

Best Cruise Lines For Dietary Restrictions


The first thing you should consider when organizing a girls’ holiday is which cruise line would make you feel like royalty.

Choose one of the following extravagant cruise lines that you think will pamper you rotten with great cuisine, luxury rooms, and activities galore if you want to indulge on all of your favorite amenities and have more opportunities for fun than time permits!

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